Crypto Twitter Bets on BTC Reaching $1M in 3 Months!

• Crypto pioneer Balaji Srinivasan offers $1 million in BTC to 1,000 tweets that best expose the stealth financial crisis disguised in banking bailout.
• He believes hyperinflation in US economy will happen in 90 days, forcing Bitcoin’s price to shoot up to $1 million.
• To alert people about the hidden insolvency of banks, Balaji is encouraging them to buy Bitcoin now and store it off exchanges.

Crypto Pioneer Offers $1 Million for Best Tweets

Crypto pioneer and venture capitalist Balaji Srinivasan has announced that he is offering a reward of $1 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) for the 1,000 best tweets which can expose the “stealth financial crisis” disguised in banking bailouts.

Srinivasan Predicts Hyperinflation Will Shoot Up BTC Price

Balaji Srinivasan also believes that with US economy entering a phase of hyperinflation within 90 days, the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket up to $1 million. In order to alert people about the hidden insolvency of banks, he is encouraging them to buy Bitcoin now and store it off exchanges.

Smart Contracts or Escrow System Proposed for Reward Payment

To pay out his reward money, Balaji has proposed either using a smart contract system or an old-fashioned escrow system. The assets would be secured on chain for 90 days before being paid out after the 90 day period ends.

Bitcoin as Hedge Against Financial Crisis

With governments across the world printing more money than ever before as part of their stimulus packages during this pandemic period, many experts believe that fiat currencies like USD are going through fundamental changes which could lead to inflationary periods in future years. As such, they recommend investing in assets like gold or Bitcoin as hedges against any such financial crises which might arise due to currency devaluation or hyperinflation caused by excessive money supply increase.

Time Running Out For Buying Cheap BTC?

If Balaji’s predictions come true, then this could be one of those turning points when investors look back and regret not investing early enough when prices were much lower than expected levels later on down the line!