Value Chain Requirements

Objectives of the work package:

• Classification of building typologies consistent with the regional SME clusters for retrofitting

• Definition of the 4 Business Cases that will drive the project

• In-depth analysis of technical and non-technical requirements from all value-chain stakeholders, focussing on SMEs and building owners.


The objectives aims at keeping the RTD activity most efficient and effective through focussing on the building types with the highest potential for increases in energy and resource efficiency and through the continuous alignment of RTD activities with technical and non-technical requirements coming from SMEs, other stakeholders and technical frameworks.


For the best response to market needs in SME-driven retrofitting projects, NewBEE Project aims to focus on building types able to create the highest possible impact on energy efficiency. This includes the selection of building types which can achieve the highest level of improvements through retrofitting projects including their performance and value generation for the building owner. Furthermore, building types have to reflect the appropriateness of SME-driven retrofitting.