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Technical meeting Stuttgart 2013

After the short welcome, TECNALIA informed about a cluster event (PPP impact meeting) next week (12th-13th March) in Brussels where all 3 projects from the same topic will be presented in a joint presentation. The meeting will be organized by the commission. Javier (TEC) presented and introduced the other 2 projects (Proficient and Umbrella). We discussed about the similarities and differences of the three projects. We realised that UMBRELLA project has some similarities with NewBEE, while PROFICIENCY is much focused on developing and putting in practice a concrete business model. The PPT presentation of this joint event is available.

Afterwards, we started an Open Debate about the current situation of the NewBEE Project: scope of the project, business cases, software development….

The business model should consider also the business case – means the interaction of the different stakeholders. But we should start with the company-individual business model. Identify barriers and problems of SMEs and develop new approaches and business models for construction companies. The platform should be a tool to support different services. A generic business model is difficult to design (dynamics of the environment, country-specific aspects). It has to be clarified if a more generic business model (interaction of companies) and maybe also new mechanisms for SMEs (like tender approaches) could be defined by the NewBEE Project.