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Technical Meeting, Frankfurt

Project coordinator made a short introduction about the objective of the meeting and a short presentation on the project overview, the concept presented already in Slovenia, and on WP5 Tasks also presented on general Assembly meeting in Ljubljana


WP5 structure: tools and data needed

After that VTT started presenting in detail the content of the file WP 5 STRUCTURE

The partners basically agreed on most of the information explained. The different points of view rose when prioritising the next work to do. Some partners went deeper details on the data, while others considered that data are important, but first we had to focus on the user behaviour (use cases).

Concerning the data presented by VTT we agreed:

·         VTT will work on the details of the database, and they will feed the database with real information on the different fields.

·         We will start for the first prototype with the information provided in the deliverables previously sent along the project. This first prototype will be improved with more data up to reach the final version of the NewBEE platform.

Open discussed topics:

·         Bussiness support info en the Content Management System (CMS) and also in a wiki?

·         How are we going to link the info in the wiki with the info in the CMS. Is that info redundant?


Definition of use cases:

We also started listing the different use cases of the NewBEE platform. Here they are the most important use cases (and the author of the first draft as decided in Frankfurt on November 14th):

·         An SME searching for a partner TEC

·         An SME that has potential partners sends an invitation to these partners TEC

·         A group of SMEs (that has agreed to collaborate) forms a temporal collaborative team by making a registration to the platform TEC

·         An SME making a registration to the platform VTT

·         An SME creating a profile (self-marketing profile) VTT

·         A building owner searching for information of service providers (as a result he receives a list of possible service providers) VTT

·         A building owner (project owner) searching for a problem solver by making a registration to the platform (call for proposals / tenders)  TEC

·         A building owner asking for initial consultancy VTT

·         An SME searching for an idea of a good business concept / model (possibility to read success stories, cases) FHG

·         An SME who wants to develop a new business model (an SME receives guidance with the help of steps) (a list of questions has to be answered, certain steps have to be done) FHG

·     The coordinator (or a group of SMEs leaded by one of them) who searches for a model for temporal collaboration (organizational model for the project) FHG

·         An SME who needs to simulate the energy demand (+impacts) of a renovation case VTT

·         A building owner who wants to pre-assess the saving potentials related to his house CON

·         An SME who searches for information about regulations, incentives, fiscal possibilities VTT

·         An SME who searches for information about financial schemes UPD

·         An owner who is looking for funding opportunities

·         An owner who searches information about renovation technologies TEC

·         SMEs apply for project (by making an initial request to the project owner) (by expressing an interest) TEC

·         An SEM or a team of SMEs making an offer VTT

·         Process of log-in (member (SME or project owner), outsider, potential member) TEC

·         Possibility to evaluate (by stars etc.) service providers FGH

·         Store all use cases descriptions to PKM Task 3.2.


Other topics:

Apart from this we were talking about the following topics.

Task 5.3 Business model

We have 2 possibilities:

·         we could implement the “market place” with the rating system instead of the BM generator

·         or we could “create” a Business Model on the base of questions (guidance) that the SME has to answer. AS a result of the answers the system can proposed a tentative BM or different typologies of BM.


Task 5.5 Marketing strategy creation

We have also 2 possibilities:

·         It will be a place where the service providers and the house owners can meet each other.

·        Or it could be replaced by an evaluation of the retrofitting results (this option did not like to several partners that considered that the SMEs will not be happy with the rating system).