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Technical Meeting, Dissemination Workshop ˛Exploitation Seminar, Munich

Technical meeting


We discussed about several open questions:

·         Identification of business opportunities is mentioned in the methodology concept as being a part of the pre-assessment, not as a separate topic.

·         The aim of the NewBEE project/platform: collaboration among SMEs to work on a common retrofitting project although the NewBEE will not prevent SMEs to take over Business Opportunities on their own (without any collaborators).

·         The marketing strategy is mentioned in the deliverable in several chapters. However, it is not part of the NewBEE workflows / NewBEE concept / NewBEE platfom. So we needed to clarify how to handle this topic in NewBEE. Several ideas were presented by the partners, although not a definitive decision taken:

o    Owners of the retrofitted objects only can rank SMEs

o    Or to create a micro-site (premium) for advertising / marketing

o    We can reduce it to a like / unlike button

o    UNIPD said that we could allow the ranking of the public endorsement (something similar to Linkedin)

o    CON will write a couple of sentences on how to incorporate the marketing strategy into the Market Place.

·         Elaboration of the Marketing strategy must not be limited to ranking the SMEs. Its most important part is promotion of the energy efficient buildings retrofitting. as described by AL. 

·         We discussed on the overall concept, and several minor improvements were pointed out by the partners and will be introduced in the final concept workflow.

o    Adding ranking of actors as feedback loop in the workflow diagram

o    Move “VBE” from Marketplace box to NewBEE Platform box

o    Split Assessment to into two boxes (Pre- and Full Assessment) and integrate into workflow



Dissemination workshop


The projects results have been defined:

·         An ICT Platform

o    Pre-assessment tool

o    Business Model Assessment

o    Energy Performance Assessment

·         A Technology Database

·         A Consultancy System

The different stakeholders have been identified.

For each stakeholder, the different results have been associated.

The last step of the workshop seminar was the definition of different messages for each stakeholder. These messages have the objective of make more attractive the different results for each stakeholder.



Exploitation Seminar


Different groups have been formed to work on the Characterization of one assets:

1.       ICT Platform

The Consortium has to decide if the NewBEE system will be split up in different assets that could be exploited separately. The group proposed to consider 3 other more assets that could be exploited separately. Therefore, in this group we worked on the characterization of:

·         NewBEE ICT tool (the NewBEE platform as a whole)

·         The different software modules that can be exploited separately:

o    Pre-assessment tool

o    Market Place tool

o    Energy Performance assessment

o    Business model assessment (finally we decided that this was not an exploitable asset)


2.       Consultancy

3.       Technology database