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Technical Meeting, Bilbao

WP5 – ICT Support Tools: NewBEE Platform

CONCLUDE presented the current situation of the Pre-assessment tool:

·         The option for the block of apartments has been added.

·         The option for the financial calculation of the scenario selected has been improved.

·         Most of the pre-assessment tool is already implemented.

·     Missing work: Collect data from other consortium countries (Finland, Slovenia, Italy) because only German and Spain are implemented. Partners who are interested in the adaptation (customization) of the Pre-Assessment tool to their countries will get in contact with CONCLUDE in order to provide the updated data required for each country, besides the user interface translation.

UNIPD presented the Financial module. Most of the tool was implemented in July / August. Partners suggested some minor changes to improve the tool, which will be implemented in final project prototype.

·         Document more (more explanations) and more graphical the financial module.

·         A link with the wiki to have a detailed explanation of the financial information.

·         There will be a version with default values and an advanced version that will allow modifying those default values.

·         Add the option by default of 5% of discount rate. This will be added in an “advanced” option.

·         Change the wording “lifetime of the project” by the “life time of the installation.

·         The financial module is practically fine but usability (make easier) needs to be improved. AL will review it.

FHG presented the situation of the WIKI module. A topic that was discussed was the content of the WIKI needed per country and the need for translating the common content. By the moment, the translation of the common content won´t be done. Maintain the information after the project ends (maintenance contract) is another issue that arose in the discussion. The product exploitation will have to consider that the content has to be regularly updated.

·         WIKI: a country specific links about taxes, funding will be done in national languages

·         Technologies, financial models and business models not translation by now

FHG presented the current situation for the Business Model Assessment: Now it is not a real version implemented. The objective is to have a list of potential factors for characterization of success factors for business models. The first step is to validate those factors by using a questionnaire in an on-line workshop (to be celebrated in one month). And then transform it into a web based tool.

ATB presented the Market Place tool. TECNALIA will revise one by one the Use Cases which appear in the deliverable and make sure that all are implemented. Besides that in WP6 all the Use Cases will be tested and assessed. For the Market Place the missing issues to be developed are:

·         SMEs references, localization, translation of different languages, short list of technical issues.

·         By the end of October (BEFORE) ATB will provide a user with a login and password for each partner to test the tool.

CONCLUDE presented the skeleton of the EPASS Tool, since VTT has not yet delivered a version to be integrated in the platform. VTT promises that at the end of this month the web-based version will be available. This first web version of the EPASS tool will be ready with the Finish data (adapted to Finland). VTT will send tables for a partner who wants to use the E-PASS Tool (BACKGROUND) to customize it to each country particularities. Partners will have two weeks for testing the tool.


Partners will have the opportunity to test the current version of the NewBEE platform prototype by the end of October, and suggest new changes / improvements with a “ticket” system that will be implemented in the platform that will identify the partner who is suggesting the improvement and the tool where that improvement has to be implemented. Partners will receive a user login and password which will identify them uniquely.

It is planned to have a new prototype version that integrates all the above mentioned improvements by the end of February, and after that the next technical meeting will be organized (end February, middle March) in Italy by UNIPD.


WP5 – ICT Support Tools: D5.1

VTT presented the deliverable 5.1 related to NewBEE Platform. This deliverable will be focused to provide a kind of user guide of the NewBEE platform, giving explanations for the correct use of each tool. And a list of hardware requirements to install the NewBEE platform.