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Review Meeting, Stuttgart

After the project overview project officer suggested to the consortium a better characterization of the individual Exploitable Results, a better characterization of the assets.

Besides, he suggested us in order to give answer to the recommendation number 15, to follow the database ILDB to present the data and information collection of different sources and generate the knowledge base of NewBEE project.



WP1 Value Chain Requirements

VTT presented the objectives and main results of WP1:

·         Classification of building typologies

o    Statistics

·         Definition of business cases

o    SME partners

·         Analysis of technical and non-technical requirements

o    Literature

o    Interviews

o    Surveys

WP2 Retrofitting Technologies, Processes and Best Practices

FHG presented the objectives and main results of WP2:

·         Analyze the retrofitting Best Available Technologies according to the building type and other constraints

·         Overview of the State of the Art on methodologies and tools relevant for NewBee

·         Analysis and evaluation of the methodologies and tools and selection of the most appropriate for the concept specification

Main results:

·         Building Technologies

o    General Classification Scheme

o    Identification of Building Technologies

o    Practical Feedback on the application of building technologies

·         ICT Tools and Methodologies

o    Decision Support Systems, planning, collaboration, operation & maintenance, energy performance calculation

o    Practical feedback on the application of Methodologies and Tools

·         Evaluation Scheme of Technologies, Tools and Methods

o    Evaluation Scheme

o    Evaluation

·         Best practices in retrofitting building sector

o    benefits and drivers analyzed

Project officer suggested us in order not to be the information static use smart tracking service. This allows using the information by stakeholder.


WP3 Concept and Specification

ATB presented the objectives and main results of WP2:

·         To create overall NewBEE Concept - based on the results of WP1, WP2 and WP4 as inputs

·         To specify the NewBEE methodology following the Methodology Concept

·         To specify the NewBEE ICT platform and services in accordance with the ICT Platform Concept

·         To issue three deliverables corresponding to the three a.m. objectives/tasks

Project officer suggested us to include policy makers and financial organizations in the platform as end users.


WP 4 New Performance-Based Business Models

FHG presented the objectives and main results of WP4:

·         NewBEE Business Model Framework

·         Financial model generation and evaluation

·         Aspects and criteria that shape the FM formulation

·         NewBEE Business Model archetypes

·         NewBEE Business Model definition

The main result is indicators to assess the performance of business models in the construction industry and, in addition, different future-oriented business concepts and models are presented in this deliverable.

The second main finding is the future-oriented business models address in general the following aspects in the value chain.

·         Coverage of the whole value chain

·         Better support of the usage stage of a building

·         Clear structuring and strengthen of early stages (planning stage)

Project officer asked if the BM identified have been adapted to the SMEs of the project. He suggested comparing the best practices from SMEs with owner requriements.


WP5 NewBEE Platform

VTT presented the objectives of WP5:

·         Support for the first orientation for the owner

·         Support for the selection of the business model for SMEs

·         Assessment tool for SMEs

·         Information support for Owners and SMEs

·         Branding for SMEs (to be placed to the market place)

After this presentation Conclude presented a DEMO of NewBEE Platform:


·         Conclude presented the Pre-assessment tool

·         FHG presented the WIKI

·         ATB presented the Market Place

·         UNIPD presented the Financial Model generator

  • VTT presented the Energy Performance Assessment