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General Assembly Meeting, San Sebastian

TECNALIA made and overview of the project and an overview of the different recommendation from Slovenia and the review meeting:

After this, TECNALIA went on Methodology presentation.

The methodology also will have to include the explanation that the Energy performance could be used with “standard” values or can be modified by advanced users.

After methodology presentation, a summary about the decision list of different modules of the SW of the day before was done.

The two main objectives of the WP6 were explained by TECNALIA, the TESTING & ASSESMENT of the NewBEE Platform. TECNALIA explained the approach to be followed. Different ideas appeared on how to collect and structure the knowledge.

ACCIONA went on with the demonstration presentation of the NewBEE system. It presented the demonstration approach to be followed in the project. Preliminary overviews of the demonstration objectives are explained. After this, the NewBEE Consortium discussed on how to demonstrate the project results in the four different BCs.

After this, individual presentations by partners about the work done in the last 6 months and the work that they have to done in the future six months have been followed.