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General Assembly Meeting, Ljubljana

A short introduction to the general Assembly meeting was made by project coordinator. It was presented the main objectives of the meeting, the agenda of the meeting, and the expected results to achieve.

After that, a project overview was presented. The current situation of the project in terms of work plan, deliverables, milestones, Gantt, and future work was also presented by project coordinator.

Then, the presentation focused on the proposed (and accepted by the Project Officer) changes in:

·         Gantt: new plan for the different tasks

·         Deliverables and milestones due dates

·         Redistribution of efforts among WPs, internally to each partner.

·         Modification UNIPD Person Month rate

·         Budget transfer among two partners and reasons for that

The Project Officer asked the coordinator that these modifications have to be accepted by all the partners during the next general Assembly. Following this, the consortium explicitly approved and accepted the proposed changes.

After this, the partners presented an overview of the work done in the project during the 12 month duration, so the PTA had a precise overview of the project.