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German Retrofitting exemplified by a single/multi-family house

In rural areas, the most common building type in Germany is single or multi-family houses. Therefore, this building type is selected for the business case in Germany, applied for the development application and testing of the solutions envisioned by the NewBEE project. The SME-company RAHM Schlüsselfertigbau in close collaboration with FHG and IFA are in the centre of this business case. As retrofitting activities in this building type can hardly be planned with a time horizon of 3 years, an appropriate building and building owner will be selected throughout the accomplishment of the project. For this business case, the coverage of the entire value chain is envisioned. This includes the following:

  • First contact to building owner and user: Application of the decision support platform, guided by the project partners for the identification of requirements and the first validation and testing.
  • Identification of most appropriate retrofitting technologies: The business case will be used for a dual identification of appropriate technologies. To be able to evaluate the NewBEE results, it will be carried out in the traditional way and through the developed methodology for technology evaluation at the same time. Furthermore, both results are evaluated according to current retrofitting practices and most advances technologies in building retrofitting.
  • Linkage between building owner / user and construction SMEs: Through sample information on construction SMEs, building user or owner will be linked to SMEs able to provide the selected solution for building retrofitting.
  • Business model generator: Changing the perspective, RAHM Schlüsselfertigbau  and IFA will be involved for the testing and validation of the algorithms developed and integrated in the business model generator. This includes principally the identification of an appropriate financial and organisational model, creating the link to a partner network and additional features of the business model necessary to carry out the retrofitting project.
  • Project management support: Once the network was set up, the developed platform integrating project management support capabilities adapted to the requirements of SME-driven retrofitting projects is tested and validated by RAHM Schlüsselfertigbau and IFA by means of its capabilities to improve current practices in SME-driven retrofitting projects.

Throughout the accomplishment of the business case, IFA is continuously interacting with a wider range of SMEs active in retrofitting and providing matter for improvement and additional validation cases from ongoing retrofitting projects.