Business Cases

Spanish Retrofitting exemplified by a block of residential buildings

The business case proposed in Spain consists of the retrofitting of a block of residential buildings (in particular, a public housing promotion of 80 housings) in Merida (Spain). A new concept of multifunctional façade is going to be developed and it will be demonstrated in a real case by implementing it in a part of the residential block.

German Retrofitting exemplified by a single/multi-family house

In rural areas, the most common building type in Germany is single or multi-family houses. Therefore, this building type is selected for the business case in Germany, applied for the development application and testing of the solutions envisioned by the NewBEE project. The SME-company VER in close collaboration with FHG and IFA are in the centre of this business case.

Finish Retrofitting exemplified by three different case studies

The Finnish Business Case focuses on the development of energy-efficient and sustainable retrofitting processes with help of three different case studies. Each of the Finnish SMEs involved in the project will address one retrofitting case. Business Case 3 will aim at applying the development work and solutions in some of these types of buildings. The SMEs involved in this Business Case will put in practice the project concepts and tools and will involve a refurbishment client in the application of NewBEE platform and Methodology.

Slovenian Retrofitting exemplified by organisation of large scope retrofitting of apartment buildings

The business case proposed in Slovenia tends to develop a business model for energy retrofit of existing apartment buildings built before 1980 in order to meet the requirements of EPBD Recast, 20-20-20 by 2020 policy targets and ambitious targets of low carbon society by 2050. The proposed case derives from experiences gained during renewal of Posočje region after the earthquake in 1998.